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தமிழகத்தில் விவாகரத்து ஏன் அதிகரித்திருக்கிறது?


Why Divorce rate has Increased in Tamil Nadu / India?
தமிழகத்தில் விவாகரத்து ஏன் அதிகரித்திருக்கிறது?

– Over 50% in USA & less than 10% India
– 10 key things to consider
– Village Meets City life style….
– Love / Arranged marriages fails more than before. Understanding of parents about the matching needs changing (Sophistication vs village boy)
– Youngsters need to step up to understand your wives / husbands. She will not be like your mother.
– He turned out to be a totally different man after marriage. Unlike what he had promised, he did not once help me with the household chores,
– Less tolerance level among younger generation. Even smallest things like snoring, not cooking nonveg, can change. Accept the difference. Create positive memories…
– Balance both parents. You cannot undermine other parents against yours. Parents have lived their life. Donot get carried away by their unfair directions, whims and fancies.
– About 40 per cent of the divorce cases filed in Chennai was by professionals in the IT/ITES sector and the people from the film industry. Work pressure, both working could be one of the reason. You always see some one better in work place…
– Cheating and impotency are no longer the biggest reasons for divorce; not respecting each others parents, changed habits and ego issues take center stage
– “Women now are getting educated and independent. They don’t need their husbands to sustain their living anymore. So, they are able to stand up to mental or physical abuse and seek separation if required,”
– Lack of elders to advice & control.. Collapse of joint family system
– Like selecting a marriage hall and analysing the horoscope, people should come forward to get pre-marital counselling where they can learn conflict management skills & personalities.
– One of you need to stop when other person is going….
– Girls may be emotionally vulnerable, but intellectually strong…

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