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About Nallavan

Humble warning: When you read, if you are worried about the spelling mistakes then you will miss the bigger picture.. take the great objective behind the sentences.. 

This website is to support and bring the ‘Good People’ and ‘Good Causes’ to the lime light. Let us give them a platform to support them.  

Its time to start celebrating the good cause  & good people. The media nowadays makes us to believe that there is no place for good people. Its high time to break it. The society started to build a fear about the bad elements. It needs to be overcome through positive reinforcement. 

Do you think there is a good teacher around.. . share about them..

Do you come across a good government staff??…share your experience

Do you see a nice police constable performing his duty at most care? .. He needs to be in the light…

A responsible MLA, MP?… share the event with name …

A person dedicating his life to the society  .. share about them… We need more of them… 

LET US START appreciating/celebrating  the great people rather than building the fear about the bad people…

These GOOD PEOPLE with good support will break the bad people network… 

If someone is caring for the society, then they need and deserve a great media attention than the crooked ones that are getting lime lights through current media. 

Let us share and build our society constructively.

Last Word: This initiative is to support and encourage ‘Good People’ Rather than to identify and punish ‘Bad elements’ in the society.




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