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How to contact CM Cell in Tamil Nadu?


What is Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Special Cell: 

In order to ensure, that the public from diverse backgrounds, face no barriers in receiving Government services, are assisted when their entitlements are impeded, are facilitated to voice their grievance and appropriate remedy given to genuine complaints, the Chief Minister’s Special Cell has been formed. Armed with a genuine purpose the Chief Minister’s Special Cell functions as the Hon’ble Chief Minister’s Grievance Redressal forum open to public from all walks of life. Norms are established to redress the grievances in an expeditious, fair and sympathetic manner without giving room for public dissatisfaction. The petitions are sent to the respective Departments and replies are fed into the online monitoring system. The Departments have been sensitised on the necessity for prompt and effective disposal of the petitions. Review meetings are being convened with the nodal officers of each Department/ District so that offices brooking delay are made accountable.

There are multiple ways to contact CM cells viz., Post , Direct, email & Website. The details are given below for each of the methods.


Method 1: Contacting CM cell Direct & Post:

Chief Minister’s Special Cell,


Chennai – 600 009.

Tamil Nadu

Phone Number: 044 – 2567 1764

Fax Number: 044 – 2567 6929

Method 2: Contacting CM cell through Online E-mail :

E-Mail :

Method 3 : Contacting CM cell through Online  Website :


If you want to lodge a grievance online , go to the above mentioned website & follow the procedure below to register, lodge & track the complaints.

Guide to use CM Cell Website :

1.Get login ID and Password


Visit “New User Registration”

  • Fill the following mandatory fields.

Initial & Name, Father / Spouse Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Door Number, Street,State, District, Taluk, Village, Pin code(should be 6 character), E-Mail id (should be a valid one)

  • After entering the above details, a security code will be displayed which should be filled.
  • After submitting the form, the registration details will be saved and the system will provide an auto generated password, which will be sent to the given Email ID.

2. Login after Registration

  • To the registered e-mail id, Password will be sent.
  • With the help of e-mail id and password, one can log into CM Cell Website.

3. Lodge a Grievance

  • After logging into the CM Cell Website, click on the link “lodge your Grievance”.
  • It will have the basic details.
  • If the Grievance address is not related to the registered address, select ‘NO’ in the field “Is the Grievance related area same as the above given address”.

If ‘NO’, necessary address details have to be filled.

  • Then type your Grievance, which should contain minimum of ten Characters.
  • Then submit the form, Petition number will be mailed to E-mail Id, then it will be redirected to next page, which contain the basic information and Petition details with print button.
  • Click the Print button to get a Printout of the registered Petition.

4. How to track a Grievance?

  • After logging into the CM Cell Website, click on the link “Track your Grievance”.
  • On clicking that link, the registered Petition number has to be provided

After entering the Petition Number, the current status of the Grievance can be viewed.

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