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How to get encumbrance certificate online ?


What is EC ?

  • Encumbrance Certificate shortly called EC shows the property transaction details for a Particular Period

Encumbrance _Certificate

Fee Structure for Online Encumbrance Certificate

  • Three Kind of Approach followed in collecting EC:

    1. Online Application:

    • You can submit the application from your home. EC will be sent to your home thro” courier Agency.
    • You can submit the application from your home and collect the EC from the corresponding REGiNET centres.

    2. Service Centre:

    If you come for shopping you can get EC from the REGiNET Service Centre itself.

    3. Across SRO:

    You can approach any of the nearest point to collect EC for any REGiNET SRO.

    Proposed to connect the Entire State in near future.

    Before deciding to purchase a property, ascertain the transactions effected in respect of the property proposed to be purchased by getting the encumbrance certificate. Apply online and get EC at door step.

    Ascertain the value of the property from this site through Guideline value page.

    EC :

    ** Applications are available free of cost. You can also download the required form
    ** Give full particulars of the property in the application with the required fee
    ** Get legal opinion as to the title of the property and the genuineness of the seller.
    ** You can also apply online for EC and get it delivered at your door step.

    To Register :

    Urgent EC in Non Computerization period :

    Double the required fee

    Stamps :

    ** The list of stamp vendors licensed to vend stamps are given in the Site.
    ** They are licensed to sell stamps for the face value.
    ** Commission for the sale is paid to them by the Government.
    ** If extra demand is made, he is liable for criminal prosecution under the Act, besides getting his license cancelled.
    ** Stamp papers are also sold by the Sub Registrars, Treasuries, and Assistant Superintendent of Stamps, Chennai
    ** Stamp duty may also be paid by Demand Draft / Cash with the Sub Registrar.
    ** In Chennai zone e-stamping has been introduced.
    ** Non_Judicial Stamp papers are also available in “Stamp Sales Depot” at the following location

    Stamp sales counter
    Deputy inspector general of registration
    27,rajaji salai, chennai 600001
    Phone : 044-25226547

    Preparation :

    Drafting of deeds only by

    ** Expectants of the document if they use Model Deeds available on the Registration Website
    ** Advocates.
    ** Licensed Document Writers.
    ** Chartered Accountants having Document Writing License

    Document Writing Fees :

    ** Fees for drafting / copying various kinds of deeds by the licensed writers is prescribed by the Government.
    ** Demand receipt for all the fees paid


    When to be presented for registration ?

    ** Within FOUR Months from the date of execution
    ** The District Registrar may condone delay of four months with fine
    ** No time limit for Wills executed

    Fine for delay condonation :

    ** Delay upto 1 week – 25% of the registration fee
    ** delay upto one month – 75% of the registration fee
    ** delay upto 4 month – 100% of the registration fee

    This is in addition to the required registration fees

    Where to be presented for registration ?

    ** Documents relating to properties situated in Tamil Nadu shall be registered in Tamil Nadu only at the following offices :
    ** In the Sub-Registrar’s office under its jurisdiction, the property situates (or)In the District Registrar’s office of that Registration District.
    ** Registration done out side from the State is null and void.
    ** If you don”t know the jurisdiction of registration offices please ascertain is from the site by provided the street name or village name or village name at Field offices detail.

    Requirements :

    Documents needed for registration.
    Duly stamped signed and Executed document

    ** By Notification issued in the Tamilnadu Government Gazette No.6 dated 14.2.2001, under Part II Section 2, the Registration Act, Amendment No.28/2000 has been notified :
    ** It requires the claimant of the Sale Document also to sign in the sale deed and also appear before the registering officer for registration of the sale deed.
    ** Patta Transfer application with court fee of Rs.7/- duly filled and signed
    ** Form 60/61 Statement in case PAN Number not provided in the document , if the value of the property exceeds Rs.5/- lakhs.
    ** Required registration fees, computer fees, sub-division fees etc.,
    ** Receipts shall be given by the Registering officer for all amounts received
    ** Patta Pass Book/10(1) Statement received from Tashildar through computer – for agricultural property in Notified 9 Districts.
    ** ID card for executant and claimant (for all deeds)
    ** ID card for witnesses(for power deed only)

    Return of documents :

    Same day and workload is heavy then within 3 days

    Exceptions :

    ** If land or building inspection for arriving at the market value of the property is to be carried out.
    ** Want of required certificates from the parties.
    ** Non-payment of required duty or fee.
    ** Want of clarification on the nature of documents.
    ** However, in such case also the authorities cannot withhold the registration or return for undue reasons. They have been instructed to finalise the issue within a reasonable time.
    ** If heavy registration, then within 3 days.

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