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How to Make a Name Transfer for Vehicle in Tamil Nadu ?


How to Name Transfer for a car in Tamil Nadu ?

NAme transfer

  1. Take a xerox copy of the buyer’s that document from where you have taken his/her address. Get this xerox copy attested / notarized from any notary public. This notarization will cost you some money (maybe Rs.100/-).
  2. You have to keep this notarized xerox copy with you carefully FOREVER.
  3. Now send One of the two inland letters by REGISTERED POST A.D. to the RTO where the bike is registered.
  4. Send the other inland letter by REGISTERED POST A.D. to either POLICE COMMISSIONER or the SUPERINDENT OF POLICE of your district.
  5. You have to do this on INLAND LETTER only. Envelop or post card or any other type of paper will not do.
  6. Do not deliver these personally. These two MUST be sent by REGD.POST A.D. only.
  7. Clip (staple) the two post office receipts of posting (by A.D.) the two inlands, and one carbon copy of above transfer letter with the notarized xerox copy of proof of address document (named above).
  8. Take a xerox copy (all pages, both sides) of the current VALID Insurance Policy and keep it also clipped (stapled) to the above documents mentioned at No.<6> above. If you have earlier (even if expired) insurance policies, keep these also along with all these papers in the envelop mentioned at No.<8> below.
  9. Keep the two sheets (carbon copy of inland letter & notarized xerox copy of proof of address of buyer) plus xerox of insurance policy plus two post office receipts CAREFULLY in an envelop and write on the envelop “BIKE
  10. TRANSFER DOCUMENTS”. Keep this envelop carefully with you FOREVER.
  11. Since you have posted the inlands by A.D., if and when the are delivered to you by postman, keep them also carefully clipped to the documents mentioned at <6>, <7> and <8> above, IN THIS ENVELOP.
  12. Now you have complied with all the legal necessities of bike transfer.

How to Change Your Name on Vehicle Title or Car Registration

Each motor vehicle agency maintains different policies on reporting name changes, but in general, you can expect some or all of the following procedures no matter which state you live in:

  • Before contacting the DMV, notify the Social Security Administration (SSA). DMV offices will NOT issue a new document if your name does not match the SSA’s records.
  • Visit your DMV in person. Unlike submitting an address change, which can be completed online or through the mail, updating a name change requires doing so in person.
  • Bring proper identification confirming your previous name. DMV offices are extremely specific regarding acceptable ID. Visit  your DMV’s website for a list of acceptable forms of proof. Do not guess.
  • Bring documentation of your name change. In most cases, depending on the circumstances behind your new identity, these vital records will be a marriage certificate, divorce document, or court papers issued in the U.S. proving your name change.
  • Bring existing vehicle title or car registration.
  • Have proper payment to cover any duplicate title or registration fees.

Keep in mind that many motor vehicle agencies only require one change of name notice. This means if you submit a name change for your drivers license, the DMV will automatically update all of your records. You will, however, still need to apply for a duplicate car title reflecting your new name.


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