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How to report to a paper/tv media?


To report to a paper/tv media 

To report to a paper/tv media

To report to a paper/tv media

  1. Know how to write and communicate well. You will need a good understanding of using the English language and not just grammatically. It’s important to be comfortable with using the language to convey emotions, to persuade, to engender trust, to enlighten people, to clarify issues, and to make what you write interesting. Learn how to write the “inverted pyramid” style so that the reader gets the point straight up and then dives into the supporting story. Moreover, be comfortable with communicating with others as you’ll need to spend a lot of time interviewing other people and knowing how to put people at their ease will be of great benefit to you.

  2. Know the basics expected behind a column. Columns are meant to provide enough information for a reader without drawing them in to too much reading. On average, a short article for a column will be about 500 words or less, while few columns go beyond 1200 words.
  3. Be prepared to thoroughly analyze the topics you write about. You will also need to have top rate analytical skills and a willingness to present

  4. Find interesting topics or angles to draw in the reader. Even if you have the freedom to write a column of your choosing, you are still reined in by having to provide what people want to read. Be conscious of what is fashionable, topical, current, and likely to interest readers. It isn’t always the sensational stories either; anything can be made interesting with the right angle and careful writing.

  5. Put accuracy at the top of your list. Be prepared to do research and to learn as much as you can while preparing it, and draw heavily on speaking to experts in that field so that you get your information correct prior to writing it up. Remember that it is writing, “curiosity”, and “communicating” that form your skills, expertise and passion, not necessarily the topic (indeed, rarely will the topic be in your field of expertise!).

  6. Make it clear who the sources are in your stories.Every writer has a unique style. Do not try to copy the style of any writer. You should define your own unique style.

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