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Remove Dark Underarm Using Natural Remedies


Remove Dark Underarm Using Natural Remedies :~)

Dark underarm is caused by using low quality deodorant,hair removal cream and excess sweating etc. If you have excess sweating problem on underarm,don’t wear tight dress. And also have allergy problem by using any deodorant then you should not use any deodorant. Instead of these precaution, you can follow some natural remedies. Some of the natural tips for dark underarm: Remove Dark Underarm Using Natural Remedies 1. Take Lemon juice and sugar , mix it and apply in dark underarm,leave it 15 minutes and wash it. Do it for 2 weeks regular , after that you can get the better result means that dark color will become whiten.

2. Potato works as bleaching. You can use potato juice in dark area. Try putting this method on the affected area for 2 weeks, then you will notice the changes of the skin.

3. Other natural remedies is make a liquid by adding same quantity of lime juice,glycerin and rose water. And massage it in the affected dark area before go to bed. Keep it whole night and wash off it next morning. You would see the result in a few days.

4. You could get Baking soda in your kitchen cupboard. Make a paste of baking soda and water. After taking bath apply it to your underarm,while you are applying this paste that time underarm should be moist. Leave it until dries, then risen off with warm water.

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