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Surgeries not always solution to backache


Back pain Back pain has become anonymous with a fast paced urban life. So much so that some experts say that around 40% of the population could be a victim of excruciating backache that compromises their quality of life.

However, it is only a small fraction of these people who should ideally qualify for a surgery. But, statistics show quite the opposite and project a rather worrying trend. Many such cases were reported at the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, which managed to cure many patients with advanced and comprehensive physiotherapy.

Advanced Physiotherapy helped avert slipped disc surgery in the case ofbanker Arjun Shah, who suffered from chronic low back pain for more than four years. He believed it was a result of his sedentary lifestyle. The pain gradually increased over the years hampering his day-to-day activities. Eventually the pain travelled from his lower back to his hip joint and gradually to his legs.

Finally, Arjun consulted an orthopaedic surgeon, who performed an MRI and found that a protruding disc was pinching his nerve root and causing the pain. He was advised surgery to remove the protrusion and relieve the nerve.

But when he approached the Kokilaben Hospital, doctors advised him to undergo physiotherapy at the hospital’s Centre for Sports Medicine. Heath Matthews, head physiotherapist put Arjun onto a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation program. “In just 12 sessions, Arjun’s pain had disappeared. Arjun avoided surgery and return to his routine activities,” said Matthews.

“A detailed study of over 2300 cases that were managed at our centre in the last 3 years has revealed that approximately 480 patients had lower back pain and that only 35 cases were true discogenic pain. The rest had a significant portion of their pain coming from a biomechanical disorder of the muskoskeletal system. This meant that most of their pain was actually coming from muscles and joints in the lower back region and not from a pinched nerve,” said Mathews hinting that many unnecessary surgeries are performed.



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