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How to apply for tatkal passport?

Tatkaal Scheme OUT OF TURN ISSUE OF PASSPORT UNDER TATKAAL SCHEME (A) If an applicant desires to obtain his passport under the Tatkal Scheme, a verification certificate as per the specimen at ANNEXURE ‘F’ and standard affidavit as Annexure “I” should be submitted along with the TATKAAL fee.  The Passport Issuing Authority shall retain the right to verify in writing the authenticity of the Verification Certi ...

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How to check Passport Application Status ?

Once you have decided to go abroad, applying for a passport is mandatory. Once that is done, checking its status from time to time is the next most important task to be taken care of. There are many ways through which the status can be checked. 1. Status - by Online Tool In above Passport Status Check Tool, Enter 7-Character File Number and Date of Birth and press "Submit". The status which is updated by th ...

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How to apply for a passport ?

How to apply for a passport ? 1. If you"re applying for the first time, obtain an application form from the passport office or the designated speed post centers or any of the designated outlets in your city. You can also download the form from the Central Passport Organisation"s Website http// and register online. 2. Fill all the columns carefully. The application should be submitted to t ...

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