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How to verify my name in the voter list ?

How to check your name in the voter list online in tamilnadu ? Now everything goes online, so it is possible to do lot of works just sitting infront of a computer without going anywhere, tamilnadu election commision has published the voter list directory on their official website. So it is now easy to find or verify your voter id details online, website provides following options to refine your search 1.sea ...

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How to Vote by Postal for Citizens residing outside INDIA/constituency ?

How to Vote by Postal for Citizens residing outside INDIA/ constituency ? Our Parliament Elections 2009 are due in a few months and for many citizens who are  eligible to vote are not able to vote as we stay away from our constituency/country due to our job commitments. It"s really painful to see that we register on an average, approximately only 55% of voter turnout in elections. We feel that one reason fo ...

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How to vote by post ?

Eligibility to vote by post In terms of Rule 28 of the Chartered Accountants (Election to the Council) Rules, 2006 A member who is entitled to vote at a polling booth may be permitted at the discretion of the Returning Officer, to vote by post, if by reason of his suffering from any permanent infirmity or, in case of a member in service, a permanent change in address, he is unable to exercise his vote at th ...

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How to vote in India ?

Why Vote? Voting is the single most important right provided to all citizens of India. Some citizens are willing to exercise their right, while others feel that politicians are crooks and so they don’t have to bother voting at all!  This is just a common excuse for people who do not want to vote.  With the election fever gripping the entire nation, express your views on various aspects of voting and why we ...

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