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V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai – Creator of Email, Inventor & Systems Scientist
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1978 – VA Shiva Ayyadurai develops EMAIL, the first email system at UMDNJ. Email is the electronic version of the interoffice inter-organizational mail system that offers doctors at UMDNJ the ability to manage mail electronically as they did with their paper-based mail system.

1979 – VA Shiva Ayyadurai develops administrative system for email maintenance and management.

1980 – VA Shiva Ayyadurai develops EMAIL User’s Manual.

1981 – Westinghouse Science Talent Search Award committee recognizes VA Shiva Ayyadurai with Honors Award for EMAIL, first email system that is user-friendly, network-wide, high-reliability features, defining email as we all know today.

1982 – US Copyright Office issues first Copyright for “EMAIL“, the “Computer Program for Electronic Mail System”, and another Copyright to Email User’s Manual to VA Shiva Ayyadurai [v]

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